Who we are

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  • 1883

    Setting up of the company

  • 1952

    Serial production of drill bits

  • 1998

    API Q1 certificate obtained

  • 2011

    Integration with TDJ Holding

  • 2016

    Sales to 50 countries worldwide

  • 2019

    First 42″ drill bit produced in Glinik

Our Team

  • Grzegorz Sidor

    President of the Board

    Grzegorz Sidor

  • Wojciech Tomkiewicz

    Vice President of the Board

    Wojciech Tomkiewicz

  • Jacek Szpyrka

    Technical Director

    Jacek Szpyrka

  • Paweł Rzepiela

    Heat Treatment Manager

    Paweł Rzepiela

  • Katarzyna Kolarzyk

    Sales Dept Manager

    Katarzyna Kolarzyk

  • Daniel Urzędowski

    QMS Manager

    Daniel Urzędowski

  • Iwona Dyląg


    Iwona Dyląg

  • Iwona Łabno

    Logistic Department Manager

    Iwona Łabno

  • Piotr Jarocha

    Production Manager

    Piotr Jarocha

Meet us
  • Belief

    We believe in the common vision.
    We follow our set of values.
    We focus on the future.
    We believe that investment in education and development generates the highest value for society

  • Responsibility

    We make bold and well-considered decisions.
    We take responsibility for our and our team’s decisions and actions.
    We require initiative of ourselves.
    We always act in the best interest of the firm.

  • Cooperation

    We trust each other and form a tight-knit team.
    We listen and learn from others by considering each voice in discussion.
    After making the decision, we act as one to achieve our goal.
    We celebrate the success of our people by promoting them in the organization.

  • Openness

    We are loyal towards one another and communicate openly and with honesty.
    We respect diversity of opinions.
    We are open to change and innovations.
    We discuss the mistakes we make and learn from them.

  • Credibility

    We always keep our word.
    We are reliable and honest.
    We are committed to fair play.
    We meet our commitments.

Our Mission

Challenge accepted!

“Win thanks to our reliability and technology”
Glinik is an international producer of high-quality solutions in a range of drilling tools that work well in all conditions, on all continents”

Misja firmy

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