• Mechanical treatment

    One of the key competencies of Glinik’s production is machining. Our advanced machininge center offers machining services on 2 and 3 axsis lathes, 5 axis milling machines 3,4 and 5 axis vertical milling machines and 4 axis horizontalmilling maschines, with a passage in individual axes 1400/1500/1200[mm] (x,y,z)> the maximum turning  range above the longitudinal support is 1100mm and above the transverse slide
    Ø 740mm.

  • Quality control

    Thanks to the apllication of modern methods of computer-aided CAD/CAM based manufacturing, we offer a proffesional approuch to execute transfer complex designes to machine performance. In addition, our machine center is equipped with surface and roller grindes.Production is supervised by our own quality management department, equipped with proffesional control and measuring equippment, all standardized by certified quality system.


We also provide:

application of wear-resistant materials
welded with gas, arc or plasma method.