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Roller cone drill bit 10-5/8” IADC 632

  • Type: S3GY-P
  • Diameter: 10-5/8”
  • Bearing type:
    roller, non-sealed
  • Cutting structure:
    medium tungsten carbide inserts
  • Legback protection:
    shirttail hardfacing and tungsten carbide inserts
  • Thread size and type:
    pin 6-5/8 Reg

Rollers cone bits with cutting structure based on high-quality tungsten carbide inserts adapted to drilled formations in all applications. In our solutions, we use sealed and unsealed bearings depending on the customer’s conditions and preferences. To increase gauge protection, wear-resistant carbide inserts and hardfacing have been used. Optimised ROP is ensured by effective flushing of cutting structure and hole bottom. Sizes available: from 2-3 / 8” to 28” (711.2mm)

Ultra fast, reliable drilling results thanks to the optimal cutting structure.
Extended bit life in air cooled applications thanks to latest bearing cooling technology.
Extended service thanks to TCI inserts on the gauge protection.