• Central hole flushing

    Used for bits diameters 2-3 / 8 “- 42”

    Central hole flushing is used with drills intended for hydrogeological and geotechnical drilling. For drill bits intended for reverse mud drilling, the design requires selecting central hole with the maximum diameter for a given threaded connection.

  • Three-nozzle flushing system

    Used for bits diameters 3-7 / 8 “- 36”

    Nozzles arrangement and washer’s outflow orientation allows for effective cleaning of hole bottom and bit’s cutting structure. This solution has been designed for maximum drilling efficiency.

  • Multiple nozzle system

    Used for bits diameters of 5-1 / 2 “- 42”

    The advanced flushing system equipped with additional nozzles for more effective cleaning of cutting structure and bottom of the hole, thus maintaining highest drilling progress.